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Bodhi Life: A Transgender New Media Artist’s Digital Memoir  www.Bodhi-Life.Gallery

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Ethan Bach is an artist living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado. He works on solo and collaborative media projects, including documentary video, interactive video installations, and the immersive digital dome. He has been called a visionary and “an artistic meteorologist of sorts who observes the surrounding human climate and forecasts what is to come” by The Santa Fe Reporter. His work has shown internationally from Budapest and Romania to New York and Los Angeles.

Bach’s artwork has been informed by his experience with personal transformation. His connection and understanding of human experience is a theme throughout his work. He was a first generation college student raised in a small town with a family struggling both financially and emotionally. He spent the 1990’s in Olympia, Washington where he was motivated by the DIY culture, third wave feminism, and Buddhism. Bach is also Transgender, having lived in his current incarnation for 15 years, his gender identity is a recurring theme in his work. He uses these experiences to foster ideas of expansion and to find ulterior solutions to problems in life and his work.

Ethan Bach uses his insights, unique experiences and emerging technology art to challenge the audience on preconceived notions about the world, their communities, and oneself. He achieves this through interactivity and engagement in both individual and collective experiences. His current work includes expanding immersive digital dome spaces for art through curating and producing shows, managing artist in residencies, consulting, blogging, and public speaking. He is currently focused on his digital memoir, Bohdi Life: A Transgender New Media Artist’s Digital Memoir.