Digital Memoir

Welcome to my memoir.

Why a Memoir?

I have had one of the more interesting lives of anyone I have come across.
I grew up in a challenging household, am an abuse survivor, went to drug and alcohol treatment at the age of sixteen, came out as a lesbian when I was 19, came out as transgender soon after, was disabled for two years in my twenties, started hormones at 27,
I had always intended to do this and have been preparing to share my story the entire time it has been unfolding. I have hundreds of hours of video, I have thousands of pages of writing, I have audio recordings, I have vlogs from the 1990s,
There were times in my life where I got rid of just about everything I owned except I always kept the important pieces for my memoir. That is what mattered. Not the clothes or the vehicle… I was always creating a story. Like when I just began my hormone transition and moved to that squat in the mountains of New Mexico after my first fiance and I split up. I made up an entire character based of that dirty old trailer with light coming in through the walls. “Dell” was a mechanic and lived in this trailer with his dogs. For entertainment he watched the sunset from the roof of his trailer. I will upload this along the way 😉
I first had the idea to do a digital memoir when I was visiting my friend, James, in Austin, Texas. It was 1998.

A memoir is a accounts of ones life from their own perspective. I also happened to be documenting my world through writings, video, photography and art. ©2015 All Rights Reserved, Ethan Bach.